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Backyard Fun

I was out back picking up my lawn in these cute jean shorts when my photographer showed up.  Since he was early, we just did my pictures in the back yard.  I have a tall privacy fence, so none of my neighbors can see when I have naughty fun in my back yard.  Sometimes I invite company over to play too.  If you’re going to get hot and sweaty, it’s always best to work it up with a friend.  Take a look at these sexy photos and imagine what I could do with such a big space outside.  The rest of them get a little dirty.  You can find them at XoXo Leah.


I love the punk look, and I know you guys like to see a girl get wild too.  These striped stockings and bra were so much fun that I had to get pictures.  Watch me strip down and show you my real wild side in these hot and sexy photos.  I love thinking of new things just for you guys to see, so don’t let these go to waste.  I know that I just posted a few teasers, but the full set goes beyond just sexy.  Watch me arch my back into the pleasure as I let loose. The whole set is waiting on you over at XoXo Leah where you will not be able to stop looking at these hot pics.

What A Feeling

p>I love 80’s movies, and I’ve been watching them all week.  I decided to do my own little photo montage from one of my favorite movies.  Except, in my pictures, there’s much more nudity and somewhat less dancing and musical accompaniment.  I think you’ll like these anyway, and boy did I get a feeling while I strutted around in my sweater and leg warmers.  Soon the clothes were off though and my feelings were somewhat different.  You can see how far I deviated from the Hollywood theme at XoXo Leah.

Naughty World Cup

With World Cup soccer over, I thought a football themed shoot was in order.  I keep my body toned by kicking a ball around, so I already had everything I needed for this one.  I’m sure more of you would have tuned into the games if the players looked like me.  Even more of you would have if they were wearing this uniform.  After some great shots, I put down the soccer ball and started playing some more intimate games.  Watch me score with the rest of these photos at XoXo Leah.


I love being in the water, so I always make sure there is an indoor pool wherever I am.  My bikinis make me feel so sexy, and I love the water on my skin when I go swimming.  Here are some pictures of me in the pool getting naughty for you.  The rest of them are at XoXo Leah .


Even when I wear tight clothes, you never know what’s underneath.  This time I have on a pretty pink and white thong.  Let me show you what else is under my clothes too.  See how much I can heat things up for you in the rest of this photo set.  The whole thing is at XoXo Leah .